The Eileen Project

eileen project ambulance

The “Eileen Project” is a dedication to Eileen Lillis.

The pink non-working ambulance is used to bring awareness and donate the profits raised to the areas she visits. Eileen is the only ‘all’ pink ambulance in the US painted with AXLTA (DuPont) paint. Eileen is used for EMS trade shows, corporate events, parades and privately scheduled events and fundraisers.

Eileen is owned by Argots and has been made possible with the help of our friends at: Alpha Medical Equipment, AXLTA, Franklin Graphics, Franklin Outdoors, Greater Northwest EMS, Monticello Auto Body and Premier Specialty Vehicles. The “Eileen Project” logos were created by our good friend, Heidi LaFave. Eileen is driven around by Jeff, Ranae, Cole or Trevor on her voyages.

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